Events and Announcements


October 2021

October 10 – Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.

October 13-15 – Fall Break (No classes)

October 16 – All DSDU students are invited to join us in cheering on runners at the Colton’s Run! We will be setup in the Northwest Heights Elementary parking lot to dance and cheer as the runners go by. Please feel free to bring poms, posters, noise makers, etc. It is a fun team activity for our students and a great way to support our community!

October 19 – Durant Homecoming Parade – more details coming soon!

October 23 – Little Caesar’s Pizza Fundraiser ends. All orders will be shipped directly to the buyer within 7-10 days. Miss Mindi will get notifications of your sales and credit your proceeds to your dancer’s account. Regardless of the kit sold, the student will receive $6.00 for their profit.

October 30 – Costume fees are due. $55 for recreational classes and $75 for competition classes. Please pay for costumes with cash or check. The online payment portal charges a fee and we won’t have the full amount of your payment to spend on costumes.

Other Announcements

DSDU Lobby:
We love our DSDU parents almost as much as we love your kids! We want everyone to stay well and our students to stay focused. For these reasons we ask that parents practice social distancing in the lobby.  Please walk your student into the studio, if needed, and exit the lobby once they are safely in class. Covid cases are still on the rise and our lobby is small.

If your student needs you to stay (we often see this with our youngest students) please feel free to stay in the lobby and wear a mask. However, please do not stand at the door where your student can see you. Our little ones will focus on their family members instead of the teacher and they lose out on instruction.  Thank you for accommodating this request.

November 2021

November 10 – Tuition is due by the 10th of each month
November 22-26 – Thanksgiving Break (No classes)

December 2021

December 10 – Tuition is due by the 10th of each month
December 14 & 16 – DSDU Christmas parties
December 20 – January 3 – Christmas Break (No Classes)

DS Dance Unlimited

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